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About Belize Seaman Book


Belize ship registry is a Merchant Marine Registry, commonly known by its acronym of IMMARBE, is a department within the Attorney General’s Ministry. The Registration of Merchant Ship Act of 1989 is the main instrument governing the activities relating to the enrollment of ships in the merchant fleet.

Belize Ship Registry figures amongst the 20 first open registries, recorded a good performance in 2012, increasing total tonnage by 8% to 2.12m tons. Belize is also known for its high standard of safety and is a signatory to numerous maritime safety conventions including Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS), Tonnage Measurement of Ships, International Convention on Load Lines, Civil Liability for Oil Pollution Damage, and International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea.

The course is approved and will be displayed on the Belize registry as per the issuance of the Provisional Certificate for shipping vessels. The Course completion for seafarers namely Includes a Certificate of Receipt of Application (CRA), Endorsement Certificate (COE), Certificate of Receipt of Application for Tankers (CRAT) for certain ships the Endorsement Certificate for Special Training (EST). International ship registry is a growing registry. Choosing among the experienced staff and technology to maintain our reputation and name for further communication’s.

We make sure to work completely on the electronic registry to ease the work and the management, We also provide Belize CDC – Continuous Discharge Certificate is an Identification book and a continuous record of a seaman’s service, and registering vessels. BISR is clear in objectives, and every time it is done by aiming towards the right direction and remembering to value the resourceful resources through our dedicated service and workforce assurance.

If you have a question – why should I register my sea vessel under the flag of Belize and not any other? BISR, We provide real business solutions and are entirely operational which fit’s the budget of our clients. We are also passing towards a digital approach for our clients. Belize Shipping registry is powered by performance and speedy registries and solutions that are completely functional. We do not have any hidden charges, we offer more handsome prices than our competitors, including Belize shipping CDC, our fees are preferable and affordable. Easy online payments.

Belize Flag State Documentation

Belize CDC ship registry is invested in performance and speed. A seaman book can be issued in the following categories:

  • Officer In-charge

  • Chief Engineer

  • Steward on board

  • Waiter on board

  • Oilman

  • Crane operator on board

  • Rigger on board

  • Medical Purse

  • Maintenance Engineer

  • A security guard for vessel

  • Fitters and many more


To assist with the Belize CDC, clients need to provide important documents required for the process these documents include:

  • Application Registration form and Applications Registration of Ships

  • Confirmation of availability of vessel’s name

  • Power of Attorney appointing a shipping agent in Belize

  • Valid Cargo Ship Safety Radio Certificate in compliance with GMDSS Code (where applicable)

  • Proof of compliance with ISM Code-Copy of Document of Compliance and Safety Management Certificate (where applicable)

  • International Tonnage Certificate (where applicable)

  • Application for Minimum Safe Manning Certificate

  • Applications for the Endorsements of Licenses for all officers

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