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About Bahamas Seaman Book


The Bahamas Maritime Authority (BMA) is an authority that registers vessels in the Bahamas and enforces safety standards on Bahamian registered craft. The authority has an office in the Shirlaw House in Nassau. It also has offices in the Bahamas House in New York City, in the Hutchinson House in Hong Kong, and in London.

The agency was established in July 1995. Prior to the establishment of the authority, the Bahamas Ministry of Transport maintained the register of ships that were Bahamian flagged. The Bahamas if they are less than 12 years old, have at least 1,600 net registered tons (NRT), and are engaged in ‘foreign-going’ trade.

The Bahamas Seaman book is issued only after the completion of the STCW and CDC.

Bahamas ship registry has become the fastest growing registries by investing in high technology and choosing amongst the experienced staff and building up a long way to maintain our reputation.

The guidance on the procedure for approval of electronic record-keeping systems and their use on board Bahamian flagged vessels. Bahamas Maritime Authority has permitted to maintain the official onboard records in electronic format provided that the systems are complied with the requirements and approved by BMA.

BISR works and ensures high standards of legal, technical, and administrative support functions to various shipowners and managers. All this is done with the help of smart registry tools and deficiency prevention systems.

BISR offer’s and services includes Bahamas CDC, our services and fees are affordable. we do not have any charges hidden. Easy online payments, and we offer better prices than our competitors. we ensure faster delivery of our services with quality.

Bahamas Flag State Documentation

Bahamas CDC is a seaman book that is received once there is a completion of the STCW certifications course. A seaman book can be issued in the following list:

  • Captain

  • Seaman officer

  • Maintenance engineer

  • Steward on board

  • Crane operator on board

  • Rigger on board

  • Officer for vessel

  • Fitter, and more


To avail the Bahamas CDC, clients have to present important documents required for the process. These documents include:

  • Original Application Form

  • Copy of Data pages of a valid National Passport

  • Passport size photographs (Hight quality dimensions)

  • Medical Fitness Certificate issued by a physician recognized by the White List country as authorized to carry out seafarers examinations. (Regulation I/9) – Must use “Bahamas” Medical Form

  • Personal survival techniques with certification

  • Fire Prevention & Basic Fire Fighting

  • Elementary First Aid

  • Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities

  • Ship Security Awareness with designated duties Certificate issued by a Maritime Training Institute recognized

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